Episode #12

The magic of marketing right

with Steven Westwood

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Marlon August  0:17  

What's up everybody. I'm so excited for today's interview. I'm here with Janine lingard. Father, and Janine, welcome. Yeah, this is the while we were in Episode Four at the moment of the of the season two of the story edge podcast. So I'm so excited to have you on so excited to be talking to you. Because today we're going to be talking about, really about sales. And, you know, and how, and how important it is to just to be able to connect with people. And just really, I mean, every business needs us. Right? But we'll get into that, but just Janine welcome. So excited to have you on.

Janine Lingenfelder  1:04  

Thank you, Marlon. I'm so excited to be here. And I can't wait to delve into this subject because it's really one of my passions.

Marlon August  1:12  

Yeah, awesome stuff. So I mean, before I mean, we really know like, anybody in business knows how important sales is. And and you as a virtual assistant as a as a sales consultant, if you will, you know, you just okay, just tell us like, what, what do you do? How do you help people so that we can start jumping into this?

Janine Lingenfelder  1:37  

Okay, so jilani cells is a virtual sales office, so anything to do with yourself, you give it to us. So we all know that sales and leads if the feel for your business, you can't have a business with our sales. And we are here to make sure that your sales funnels are constantly full, and your databases are healthy, to convert easily.

Marlon August  2:03  

100%. So, I mean, you know, when when, when sales. So so many businesses, they, they they may have a database, and they don't really communicate? How have you noticed? I mean, in your career, firstly, let me just roll back because you have very special talent. And that talent is, is in two sort of places, which I found like two opposites, right? Yes, you're strong in admin. And at the same time, you you're not scared of the phone, because you may have to share some, some some of that.

Janine Lingenfelder  2:45  

Yeah, it is very interesting, indeed. Because most sales people, they are not really admin orientated. That's why they have admin assistants. And so during, during my working experience, being in corporate etc, I realized that I'm very, very admin orientated. And that's very eerie skill for sales executive to have. And having those two combined. It really helped me to stay focused on my leads, I focused on my current clients. And because of that, until the gap in the market, and that's the birth of July sales for that gap for businesses and the teams. So yes, definitely not afraid of learning. And so that is one of the the services that we offer is cold calling, because a lot of people are scared of the phone. And for some reason, it could be some something that happened in your childhood, or whatever the reason is, but with us Jelani cells, we pick up that phone and we do the cold calling, we do between 25 and 35 calls per hour. So that's roughly between two and three minutes per call. We love the cold calling. The reason for that is we love rejection. I know. I know, it is the weirdest thing. But through the rejection, we actually learn and through the learning we grow.

Marlon August  4:10  

You know, there's this, there's a saying that says that the biggest fear of a human being is to be is public speaking, because they're going to be hackled. But I would really, I would argue that actually one of our biggest fears is rejection. And, you know, in business that is like a call of being able to be successful. Yeah. We need to rejected often over and over again and most of the time, it's in the sales context, you know, so and I want to jump into that because so I mean, like, like you say, that's a rare rare skill. How did you hone that? How did you get that to space? You can now feel confident to offer this for other people.

Janine Lingenfelder  5:06  

It's very easy for me, but for a lot of other people, it might not be that easy. So in the corporate world, you learned patience through the cold calling. And I learned that when someone says no on the other line, it's not always a definite No. Once you have that, know, you can then build a relationship on that. So what I mean with with what I'm saying is to not just go and sell them the whole time, every week, you, you're trying to sell to them, because you can lose them. But what I'm saying is to build a relationship by educating them about your services, give them tips about the industry and use, because they're going to feel that you are trusted. It's going to give you credibility, and it's definitely going to build that relationship. So to give you an idea, I found a client asked him to do some business. They said, No, I said, 100%. For every month they after I went for coffee, when we were still going to person to person, I went for coffee, I just went for coffee, nothing else. I asked a few questions about the business and how's business going, but nothing about me. It was about the client, and only a year and three months later, the client phoned me back to say, Janine, I am ready for you. I need your service. Yeah, so persistence. And consistency is very, very key. When someone says no, and it's that hard to that most people don't know how to do it. And Jelani sales does exactly that.

Marlon August  6:37  

Yeah. And I mean, this, this is the thing, right? It's like, so I mean, nobody likes everybody. Now today, we don't like to get sold to. But it's funny that when we want, like, when you're in front of people, the biggest mistake is then like just selling yourself, instead of instead of really doing what you're talking about. And maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you, hopefully, I remember I did write it down here. Just to maybe another tip later on just around that, you know, what can we do? What can we do to really just ask me big, maybe better questions. Because I mean, even even with what you just said, now that that is quite intimidating. If I've just spoken to, to you listen, saying we now have pitched and you're just like, you know, you kind of brushed me off, or I got to know or whatever that'll be, we didn't do business, how do I then come back to you, and then say, you know, how you doing, how's business going, you know, it's kind of it feels disconnected. But how can one just like get better at just connecting with their customers, or their potential customers.

Janine Lingenfelder  7:56  

So there's quite a few methods that one can follow with that. And you can pick up the phone, or if they do have a store, you go to the store, you don't always necessarily have to buy something. But be gentle with your client, walk in they with a customer mindset, and not a salesperson mindset. And that is very tricky to do. Because as you've mentioned, now, you are always in the selling process of selling, you're like a selling machine on two feet. But when you're dealing with a customer, you have to think the way that they are thinking, which is very difficult. So you can also do email marketing, you can just give them as I mentioned, give them tips really show that you are caring, and you're not just there to take the money and walk away. And I this problem I live by is CFC. You know, Share, share stories, people love stories, and I can promise you, if you can connect that way with your clients, they will stay for life. And Kay, as I've mentioned, shattered, you're caring about the brand, the goals, the visions, the mission, not just what you want from them, and then show them the value and the benefits once they've become a client or even before they are one of your clients. So if the if is one of my acronyms show kick started shaky and show.

Marlon August  9:24  

Yeah, that's awesome. And, and really, it brings a more humanistic way of dealing with people because I mean, like you said, you really like this sales machine on two legs, but it's not like home machine thinks you're actually selling to humans. So if you if you actually if you if you're there to share if you're there to actually care about them, and their success, then then you know, it's only a matter of time that they become a customer or that they even refer someone to you and say like I met somebody that Yeah, yeah, you know, and willing to actually refer because that that is actually a massive sales sign or even a lower the cooler buying signal or even just someone that if they're willing to refer you that says that they trust you some way. Right?

Janine Lingenfelder  10:15  

Exactly, exactly. And more than these aren't new things. These are old tricks. And what I've, what I find is that people are leaving those old tricks in like a book or in a shelf or wherever and they just focus on the new technology that's happening. You should combine those two because together Oh, magic, absolute magic.

Marlon August  10:37  

Yeah. Awesome. So I want to go back in time a little bit, because really, the whole lack of fear of rejection is really interesting me at this moment is how, I mean, like, how does it How does one get there? I mean, how did you get there? What was your roads be like? I don't care about a No, no, doesn't even it doesn't even faze me. How did you get there?

Janine Lingenfelder  11:02  

So I'm very competitive. And when someone says no, then I find that as a challenge, and in a positive manner. And then I take that No, and I and I build on that no, because in my mind, I'm saying to myself, you say no to me now. But in a year's time, you will be a client, I will make sure that you're applying I'm not showing it and telling it to the client. But it's that affirmation that one bullets in the in your mind that is so so powerful. And I am one that believes in affirmation, because it really, really helps with the growth of yourself and business. So that's when I realized, okay, I can do this. And once it happened, and it happened even more and more and more. I mean, come on, how awesome is that? So with every No, it's an amazing challenge. And if you can challenge yourself and win, it just feels your own fire.

Marlon August  11:58  

And so let's talk a little bit about these about the affirmations. Because that interests me quite a bit. So so you, so you, when did you discover affirmations and how to affirm yourself into things that you really want, or behavior that you really want?

Janine Lingenfelder  12:17  

I think it's, it's also connected with dreams, you know, and I always wanted to own my own business, I just never understand, like, how to and where to go. And so you find your own little feet, and connections to get to that. But with that was the vision board and with the vision board is the affirmation. So I will wake up every morning to say, my customers are happy with the way I deal with him. I attract money easily. It sounds silly now, but I can promise you, you are training your brain to think positively. Because there's so many negativity happening around as the more you train your brain to focus on those positivity, the better you will feel the more productive you will be during the day. And you will see those results in the bank.

Marlon August  13:08  

Yeah, yeah, I mean that as they say, you know, energy flows where attention goes, I might be completely missing that up, but I think you get a picture. But it made sense. I love the whole idea of vision boards. I mean, for some reason, I just never got into them, but now I am as well. So I can really attest to what how powerful a vision board is. Because obviously, you know if you can see that we're visual human beings, but either way we say imagine things, and that has some sort of visual representation of sorts. So so I think at the end of the day, you know, you have to build up an image or feeling or thoughts in the mind. And when you when you think of that thing over and over again, you can you can do nothing but actually become it. Right. So it makes so much sense. It makes so much sense. I was like I was thinking that maybe something Something happened in your in your life and you're just like, you know, beggary I'm just gonna try everything in the bed and going straight. So so it's very, it's very, very interesting. And I think it's really powerful, especially for people starting out I mean, you you also you're new to this business, you started this business and and you literally birth it out of the fact that you progressively getting out of corporate, right?

Janine Lingenfelder  14:45  

Yes, so I've got, you know, eight years of admin and secretarial behind me and I've got 16 years of sales and marketing behind me and I leave the corporate world this year in March and jilani sales has been running since 2019. As a sideline business, but when the business did so well last year, I realized your jump, go jump, this is your moment, if it's doing well in 2020, imagine what it can do going forward. So yeah, you're I am properly running jilani sales on what earn. And it's been three months, and it is just, it's absolutely amazing.

Marlon August  15:23  

Now, that is really inspiring, because so many people gave up in 2020. You know, so many people, for so many people, it was literally over. And you know, whether it was right or wrong, or whatever, it really 2020 impacted everybody. But for you to like now say I'm gonna step out of this space even stronger, I think that's really commendable. And also just this other part. So a lot of people that like you wanted to start something, start a business get something going, and, you know, they just don't even know what steps to take. You decided to do it progressively and just grow this thing. So this and you've got a family, I mean, how was how was how was that, you know, having a having a, you know, trying to be successful mom, successful wife successful in your, in your corporate job, and now successfully growing a side business? Can you talk a little bit about that?

Janine Lingenfelder  16:34  

Yes, I must say, it was like a gorgeous city roller coaster ride with so many emotions, but with the end goal in mind the whole time. And one thing that I do throughout my life is transparency and communication. You know, those two really go hand in hand and communicated my goal and my vision and my plan with my family, they, they, they loved it, they saw my passion, they they said I should have done it long time ago. And having that backup and that support, you know, Money can't buy that, we had our own little vision board where we put everything in place, you know, saying goodbye to a basic salary saying goodbye to this and this and that. But yet, standing on your own two feet, and you can get so many other things with that. And personal growth is is something that stands that it's been standing out for me for the last three months. And my family can see it. I mean, I'm even busy writing a book, never in my wildest dreams, you know, so it's just amazing how the personal growth happens. So absolutely, if you have the opportunity, use your skills, you know, I always say you've got the sky above you the earth below you and you have got the fire within you. So work with that flame, because it's a beautiful thing. Oh, that's

Marlon August  17:59  

awesome. And, and I think this is strong, and I get the sense, you know, you you, you know yourself very well. You know what you're good at? I mean, you're talking about the fire within. And and now I wonder what would you say to someone that doesn't know what that fire is? What gets them really going? Or, you know, even what to aspire towards? Because you know, things are really crazy at the moment, and I don't think things are never gonna be not crazy. I'm just wondering, especially like, what would you say to someone that's like that, that is struggling to find those things that they know they are good at, and then ready to bring it to the world?

Janine Lingenfelder  18:45  

It's such a beautiful question. And yet, it's such an easy answer. And that is to combine yourself with people that motivates that flame. So that motivates you, that gives you positive energy. So even if you are in a corporate world, speak to your clients, ask them for a review, ask them for a reference later, you are allowed to do that in your corporate world, you don't have to ask to give a referral for the company, you can ask to give a referral for you as the person who's doing the service by those reviews, I can promise you, it's going to ignite that fire within you. Because they you're going to see the value that you are giving to others, you can see the benefits that you are bringing to the table. And by reading those out of other people's mindsets, you're gonna open up yours to the value and your own mission and vision that you are seeing for yourself to speak to people that motivates and give you positive energy. Oh,

Marlon August  19:48  

that's awesome. And you know, he actually sparked an idea that I think could one could actually employ when, when they are employed. I'm very much As an advocate of being able to create your own, you saw our personal brand within the company context. And even within our company, like try to get people who are associated well in my business to actually talk about what they doing and, you know, obviously being sensitive to come to customer stuff, but really just promote themselves within the job and what they do. And I think you just what you sparked for me was, I mean, asked your customers for reviews. And if they putting that on on like, something like LinkedIn, for example, as a, what do they call it a recommendation? recommendation? Yeah. So if you do like something like that, it's still very tasteful, because you're not really talking about, you're not talking about yourself, they are talking about you, and saying that you're good at what you do. And then later on, you're actually building those references, you know, coming from other people that could really help you wherever you want to go, should you want to find another job? Should you want to start your own business in that line or something? It speaks to credibility? And that's a really great tip. I love that one. Thank you. Awesome. So I think so. So let's just go back to sales, because it's always an interesting topic, right? So so you your job, what you do for people is that you help them with cold calling. And I mean, you mentioned quite a bit, I would, I would consider an obscene amount of, of calls being done in a short period of time. And, and I like I'm, like, blown away by that. So So I mean, like, and it's interesting, because people like, out surance, or these insurance companies for someone doesn't know our choices, insurance companies, all different types of brands, they constantly calling people, even though I have I have been a customer and let Can you just talk a little bit about how important it is to connect on the phone, to, to use the phone as a connection point for customers, because you mentioned email earlier. And some people they they divert primarily to that, or they don't really be so scared, they don't even want to see their customer. Until that person's buying, can you talk a little bit about that your experience and what you tips maybe that you may have.

Janine Lingenfelder  22:38  

So it all comes back to the human factor behind the phone. Remember that if you find someone and you're not smiling, the other person knows that it is effect. So if you want to, you can do your cold calling in front of a mirror, because then you're going to see your own reflection, you're going to see how you talk, you're going to see how you use your one pound and your one hand while the other one is holding the phone or both hands if you've got your your earphones on, because those movements are our energy and the energy flows through to the through to the phone. So it comes back to also not being a robot over the phone, it comes back to being an over the phone. So when you do calling, whether it's cold calling or calling for a review, whatever it is always be smiling, always be positive. And always be acting in a way that that the person on the other phone feel so comfortable speaking to you, and giving you what you are looking for. And yet again, it comes back to when you do phone, have the mindset of the customer, and not of you as a salesperson.

Marlon August  23:53  

Awesome. Now that's 100% I love that I love the idea of having to see yourself do it. I mean, what is now I mean there's like things like sales pictures, and I'm not seeming like a robot. But if I have a script, it kind of gets robotic, doesn't it? Well, I mean, how do you what is your idea of a good script or pitch.

Janine Lingenfelder  24:22  

So not going to give away too many tips and ideas. What I can say is that you have a plan for the week. If not, that's another tip, plan accordingly because it's going to help you in your processes. But if you have a plan and you focus on knowing that this afternoon, from three to five, I'm doing calling and pointing clients that 20 minutes before you start your calling. Go through your script. Try to memorize the script in a way that you are not sounding like you're reading Like you are really focusing so much on the piece of paper in front of you, because the more prepared you are, and you know what you're supposed to be saying and doing, the better equipped you will be to sound like an actor, and have that positive energy flowing through the phone so that the person on the other side feels and hear that as well. So it's all in all comes into preparation of the script. And we all have various scripts and understand that, but as a sales person, you should know the scripts, you should know your product, you should truly know at least 80% of what the prospect will be saying, what objections might come through. If there's a new objection, it's a both learning curve for you and the prospect.

Marlon August  25:46  

So I mean, you suggested that. And for those people that don't know what an objective objection is, is really just tell us what an objection? What is an objection?

Janine Lingenfelder  25:58  

an objection can be various things. No, I'm not interested. Okay, please, can I ask you? What is the reason for you not being interested, you know, hard questions, because the more questions you're going to ask, and you are able to ask those questions, it builds trust, it builds credibility, you standing out, because not everybody gets to that point, not everybody wants to do all those questions. So if you have the ability to do that, do it because it is absolutely powerful. And as I say, bolt on your own portfolio, and you stand out from the competitor. And another objection and just give an example can be No thank you, we already do have a gym contract. What benefits can you give to that person? to change their mind? When is the contract ending? Perhaps we can reevaluate in a month's time, keep the conversation going, put the ball in their court in a positive manner, all the time until you have enough information to continue the relationship or even close the deal right there. And then 100%

Marlon August  27:07  

I love that, you know, ask questions stay in their world. Stay on the phone, because most people don't get that love those, those suggestions? And and really just so so the objections, are you meeting these objections? And you're communicating with them? Kind of keeping them on the phone? You're keeping them connected? I mean, now, at which point does one actually like, connect? Because because now I'm just trying to sort of sort of just close it off to the point where there's more of a connection. So you said, I actually actually answered and you said, asked more questions. So if you ask more questions, you're actually you're actually starting to get someone to open up to where they are at. And you'll know where, where that closes off. That's awesome. So and, and also, you, you brought up a very interesting thing around just sitting that time aside, blocking that time out to connect with people, whether it's cold or warm, cold, calling your your, your your clientele. Talk about referrals. I mean, is I mean, is that something that you build in? Is that something that you that you would do and that you offer to your clients? Do you do you build referrals into how you call people is that something you suggest people should do?

Janine Lingenfelder  28:32  

Absolutely, referrals, it comes back to giving you giving you credibility, and, because the more referrals you give, the more your name gets out there as well. And that's very important, your name is you. And your services is connected to that. And if you go and do a Marlin map, if I may call it that, and you go and map out all these things, and all the benefits that you can give, and you add referrals, they, it is such a powerful thing to have. And if I can give my client a referral if they need something, I mean, it just builds trust in such a such an enormous way that once again, Money can't buy that. And if the referral goes through, and everybody is happy, I mean, it just the relationship is long lasting for sure.

Marlon August  29:25  

Now I've done it, I've seen the power of it. Many times I've been on a sales call, realize that people the person I'm speaking to actually doesn't either doesn't meet my service or can't makes use of my service at that moment in time just because of where they at. And instead of me trying to, you know, cancel that caught phone call and actually try and give them something that they want to Hey, wait, actually, I know someone that's better suited that can actually help you in this space. So would you mind connecting with them speak To them, it was so it was really funny. Same sort of thing happened not too long ago, where I had, I'm changing the systems in my business move customer over. And I'm literally saying to the customer, we have to stop doing business because I'm changing things. And then they were like, I need something. And I was like, Okay, well, I can help you with that, let me give you the number of somebody that can do that. And, and, and, and really they do business with and if that works out, you know, great and actually following up on whether it works out is also something important because then that keeps that it keeps them remembering you right, because that's that's the end, the end goal, like you mentioned, it's like it reminds them of you.

Janine Lingenfelder  30:47  

Exactly. It's about you at the end of the day. And you know, a referral for me is also in the same family as collaboration. Now Jelani says we've got various services and social media management is one of them. And I only focus on certain platforms. But I know other people and I trust other people that they do other platforms that I don't do, which means we can collaborate. And yet, all three parties are happy and getting the end result done. So it all comes back to you as the person Yes, but it also comes back to that client service and the client satisfaction. You want your client to stay a client and build a long lasting relationship with them. So the more people you can bring on board with services you can do, the better you look. And your clients happy.

Marlon August  31:42  

Yeah. 100% Thank you Janine, so awesome. So I mean, just as before we close, I wonder, do you have any parting thoughts? Any, any, any, any things that you want to share with us?

Janine Lingenfelder  31:56  

Yes, just from the services that we do, we do, as you know, cold calling. We do database cleanup, and management. We also do administration, management, and social media management. And just a tip out there for everybody who's listening, connect with people, connect with people in your own services, because collaboration today is absolutely powerful. And don't be afraid of your competition, connect with them, and you will see the power, you will see that your flame will just keep on going. And that's ultimately the goal. And also remember that the phases, there's no elevator to success, it is step by step. And I always say if you take two steps backwards, and one steps forward, you dancing, you're doing the cha cha, so keep that in mind stay positive, no matter what. Because it is really, really amazing. If you can see where you are at and where you can go.

Marlon August  32:55  

Awesome. Janine, thank you. Great advice. And the chatter is tiring. I mean, just by me. And that's like business, I guess it's very tiring. But um, and I think I wish actually we spoke about the the database, so to clean up and what that sort of what that looks like for customers, because because I think a lot of us we struggle, we I mean, we accumulate data, this period of time, people's names, email, set emails, and cell phone numbers, and then they just kind of get stale, right? They kind of sit there because there's very little communication. All those details have changed. And, yeah, I just think like that those services, those things are so needed today. And it's very interesting. Like, just wait, maybe this last thing. How do you especially around puppy in South Africa, the GDPR Europe? What? What would you say? How can people actually go about connecting with people? This is the last question. So how can you go about connecting with people in a ethical and still legal way? And over the phone via email? Whatever? I mean, how would you suggest I mean, like, if someone comes to you now and they got this database? Do you just take it on? I mean, with these rules in place, how does it work?

Janine Lingenfelder  34:28  

Absolutely. And being a rule follower, you have to play in in that playground and very carefully as well. So it just it comes back to you. Why are you phoning them if you if you can give them the reason and where you got the details from? You can grow the conversation from the you know, a lot of people have attended experts three years ago, and they accumulated contact details from that. So if you know where you found those details, and you can take the time to listen I was at the wedding Expo three years ago and I got your details. I am Janine from jilani cells and we specialize in X, Y and Zed. They can then say, Oh, no, thank you. And you can then handle that rejection. Or you know, the conversation can go so many ways. But of course, in the poppy act, and being compliant to the rules, make sure that you know where you found those details. And why you offering those slides. If you have that in mind and in place, then you will find

Marlon August  35:30  

100% that is exactly that. I was hoping you were gonna say that because I was having this exact conversation with somebody else the other day, and it was just like, Nah, can't email me but I'm like, of course you can cold email people, but you just have to tell them how you got in touch with them? How do you get that those details? Because if you're honest about that, then it's it's okay. But if you're if you if you if you got it in the wrong way, then obviously it's going to be a bit of an issue. So yeah, thanks for that. awesome way to end this show. Thank you so much. Janine, for your time. Awesome. Lady. And you know, I'm looking forward to, to hearing more, because you're going to be starting your podcast soon, isn't it? I know, I just put you on.

Janine Lingenfelder  36:17  

I am going to be starting. And it's going to be called pot you cost because it's going to be all about you as a person.

Marlon August  36:25  

I'm looking forward to really looking excited, excited to because what I'm what I'm going to do with all of this. Actually, I'll leave that for offline. But for the moment, thank you so much for your time. Thank you again for the tips. And guys remember, just like then just it rejection is only just something that you can just take on and you can learn from end users. And from within, from what I learned today, use it as a way to just build more relationships. So thank you very much again to me. You have a wonderful day and we'll catch up soon.

Janine Lingenfelder  37:01  

Fantastic if I can, I'm all in I just want to leave my email address if someone wants to get in contact with s h e double l o so it's Hello at Jelani sales.com. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks. Again, Marlon.

Marlon August  37:18  

Thanks not even a problem because what we do is Anyways, we're going to link you up in this in this podcast, so you'll be up wherever it ends up. Cool. Thanks very much today. All right, Marlon, thanks so much. Bye.

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