Episode #1

How to Develop a Superman Mindset

with Cobus "Superman" Visser

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Marlon August  0:00  

Welcome to the first episode of the StoryEdge in these podcasts, we talk about things that will inspire busy business leaders to really think about their content and their content creation, in a whole different way. Now we, it's all about, it's really about telling those stories that connect you to your customers that connect you to the people that care about your products and services. And by you actually showing that you care. And I think stories that that really helped him that is one of Cobus Visser, we've known each other for a number of years, and he's a real awesome guy, five years, and a real awesome gentleman. Man that really, really has a massive heart. Welcome Cobus, thank you very much for for joining me.

Cobus Visser  1:01  

Thank you, Marlon, thank you for you making that for me. It's been a crazy and amazing few months.

Marlon August  1:09  

It has that it has, I mean, Goodness, talking about like you know, stories, your, could you just share a little bit about your story. I mean, Cobus works. He works in the world of mindset and shifting people but you've also now pivoted recent years helping people with uplifting their brands, you've actually like in my model of the world, you've adapted everything that you've learned in the world of mindset and started to shift it towards business and helping people in that to to perform well and in their personal lives and in their business, is that correct?

Cobus Visser  1:51  

And you sense, ja  that is correct, this past few year's I've had to adapt my business a lot. And this is not the first time on starts a business idea and you have this great amazing thing because gonna come and flop, because you have something. People need need it and they must have it because of what impact it has on your life, and then you bring it to market and then you realize people don't want it, or they think they don't want it so you know they don't just flock to you so you have to suddenly okay how can I pivot this so that I still do what I love, but just in a different way. Yeah. So I don't know where you want me to start with my story?

Marlon August  2:33  

Oh, no like okay so so let's, let's start with the fact that you deal with hemophilia, every single day right that's a condition.

Cobus Visser  2:43  

Yeah that's the condition in hemophilia as a blood disease where my blood doesn't clot to my body doesn't produce factor A, the clotting factor. And so over the years my joints has been disintegrated I actually was recently in Hartenbos, and I did something crazy, hurt my elbows so basically for two weeks, I struggled with and I couldn't even brush my teeth, couldn't get dressed. Can you believe it, that the elbow, can be used for so many things, so it was a quite again a challenge for me, and everyday, and basically facing pain and constantly have to look at, where can I advance my health a little bit better like last night, I was so tired I couldn't even sleep, you know, and it's constantly that challenge and this is probably because I ate something yesterday that extra impact on my joints as well. And being busy, so there's a lot of challenges health wise that I face, and, you know 2014 I face my first challenge of not being able to walk and I struggled to walk and after that, you know, constant struggle to be on my feet. And most of the times I use my crutches or I couldn't walk for long distances. So that was a big challenge in my life, you know, part of that has helped me to get through all of these challenges and mindset wise is when I discovered walking on fire, you know, fire is amazing metaphor, you know, you walk on 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. And so if you can do that you can do anything you know just to give you an example aluminum melts at 260 degreees, you get 100 degree burns at 150 degrees. Yet, you can walk over 500 to 600. So in a sence that is one metaphor that has helped me in life. And that's what I talked about in the beginning and when I discovered firewalking I went to learn it took me two years to save the money. I went to the USA I went to study it came back, and I'm like, people need firewalking, they want fire walking. I must bring this! Im just gonna focus on firewalking. And, and that's I think where the branding itself comes in as well and it says because nobody knew about it. First and foremost, so why would they want to come listen to me. Secondly, is it so a new thing firewalking, in South Africa, yet was one or two guys that used to do firewalking a little bit in South Africa, but I wanted to take it to the masses and people were not like why should we walk on fire? I don't want to, and I couldn't understand them, I couldn't get my message across, for them to come and walk on fire and really, so I had that challenge since I started this business and it just didn't work, you know, and I actually adapted it so that's the first time I had to adapt my business model to say okay, just to get people to firewalk and to speak in front of them is not conducive for me and my family. So, Yes, you want to ask something?

Marlon August  5:25  

I think that's, that's exactly it. I mean, how do you you reminded me of audio I heard of Simon Sinek, talking about after you know as the pandemic was in and I think we in South Africa was sitting in, in deep lockdown. And he said, like, you know, these exact words are escaping me but something around the thing of, you know, there is no unprecedented when it comes to business right, this is nothing unprecedented because every business owner knows that they constantly have to be pivoting, they constantly have to shift, according to what's happening in their environment. So it's not unprecedented really it's just about thinking being flexible enough to see this is not working, and I got to just try something else. And and, obviously, like right from the beginning, you've had that. So, and I guess I want to just lead into like how, how was it, I mean like this is, this is how long ago since 2014 Right? 

Cobus Visser  6:31  

Ja 2014 ja. 

Marlon August  6:33  

I mean that's a really like six years of having to do this little this little, Jig all the way through, and still having to work with the health, the health part of it now I mean many people wake up in the morning and just don't feel like they don't have any conditions, there's nothing really going wrong. Nobody's probably 100% healthy, that they feel 100% all the time but I mean those real serious conditions that they have to manage. And so, I mean, having to deal with that, and I'm sure like with people when you wake up in a bad mood, they, they, it's tough to get your day going with you. How is it like having to having to manage these things, and wake up with pain, and probably excruciating pain, and then still have to go out and trudge and dig like everybody else.

Cobus Visser  7:38  

It's about creating new habits. And I realized that again during COVID, Your the one who loses and next time you bring that got me through it and got me going. And, like you're saying one needs to be flexible. I think that is the first thing that you will need to learn. You know one activity that I do is walking on broken glass and that is an activity that teaches you you have to be flexible. Flexibility controls the situation, and you don't have to go through the situations, but you also need to follow the right process to be able to do it safely to get to the other side. And so during this process. One thing that has gotten me going is meditation in the morning, so I woke up at that round for 13 days now. I don't understand how to get out of bed, five o'clock I would go down, get myself a cup of coffee, and I've only meditate for about 20 minutes 15 to 20 minutes, and then I will go for a walk, and a meditation helps just to start the day afresh, because you're still in that waking state. And so you know not being on social media and all those platforms because you program your your brain. The brain is so receptive in early morning. You just woke up. And so it's like a sponge, and so one needs to be careful what you feed that sponge. So the meditation and then I go walk, you know, even though I don't feel like at all if I'm in pain. And the reason for that. I can't do other exercises I can't go to the gym, and then run on a treadmill or stuff like that so one thing that I've learned is that you need to do physical activity, you know, some go to the gym, some would go run, but there is something about being out in the I call it fresh air, but you know, that breeze in your face and just clearing your mind again to be ready for the day. And then I come back in the day and then process is fully considered. Anyway, there's a journal. So I would journal them with my thoughts down you know what are some of the stresses and what is even easy, write it down so that it can flow out. And then also write what I'm grateful, grateful for, you know, I've realized that one thing that got me through this Marlon for the last few months is gratitude because it's, you know, it's basically my main business for a long time was events and training and team building, and in a little bit of coaching as well. And I did to change because suddenly that wasn't coming in, and I tried a lot of things. Still new at let's say webinars and Zoominars I started doing that and you know we weren't on one of them together. I learned a lot that I learned that I'm not good enough yet for that so I had to up my skill in that department so I'm working on it, basically now giving every two weeks a webinar, just to keep in that habit just to always challenge myself to grow and to become better because I need to acquire that skill. And, you know, I'm finding new ways to change my business and our business model. And I think that is the constant thing that we have to go through because business is not going to be the same set of business areas are going to be the same and all growing, but in the industry that we come from is we need to approach it differently. And for me, the challenge is also is to have a purpose and why. Just to have my two little boys that pictures are up here in front of me so that I look up every day, because I'm, I want to move to Eastern Cape, Western Cape side. In the next year because then I'm closer to them so that I can at least see them every single weekend when they do sports to be close. So that is my aim at the moment so that is why I got energized again and I pushed myself. I started an online academy just to give you an example. Didn't know the skills I had to learn, and I'm still learning, but have this like, man, upgrade or update and through that I attract people, and I saw this and this is why I got the idea you know I spoke to one of my clients and that is more than a client at the end of the day, we became good friends. And when she started the business it was all focused on making products to go sell at the markets and to sell online, and as she never started doing that. Business went totally to giving workshops, to training other people and having an online store and an online course. And so, I realized that I wanted to be in firewalking and coaching and so forth, but to get there. I need to change the way I get to that point in another day so that I can enjoy what I love. And I think this is a journey that we will have to and one thing that has allowed me to help me is I recently. For a while, and I think that is the challenge once we get to a point where, not all of us, but most of us that we don't need someone we don't need a couch, we don't need when I was there, I was like no man I can do this. I'm not going to. Fork out money to pay a coach to assist me with because you can pay myself, because I am a coach.

So you know you've, you've been going to Olympics and stuff, you know, imagine you did by yourself, I think thats the biggest challenge. And so I just got the money and I said, you know, this is the last money I have, going to put it on a coach, and suddenly my life transformed again. 

Marlon August  13:01  


Cobus Visser  13:02  

The idea is to have someone that keeps me accountable and challenges me on my thought process.

Marlon August  13:09  

Now 100% I mean, these are one of the things I mean, talking about. there's so much in that, in terms of one having to pivot and test a number of things because, and then and then not only learn test, and then still, adapt, through that process because there's so much to do some sort of input that has to go into an online course, marketing that course, delivering their course is. And then the technical background of that as well. Just just getting up there is also another thing. And, and just having to continue to like, still see how can how can I still do that thing that I want to do, but within the confinements of what I have right now and then and then push myself through and you're so right about the level of accountability because we keep, we have very poor keepers on accountability for ourselves, you know, having others to do it, somebody else that has a new vested interest in our success. But notice we're not willing to put up with our excuses that we may easily give ourselves, really awesome. so I just want to roll back a little bit because we spoke a little bit about, about your routine in terms of just shifting your mind from the pain in the body and the maybe the just not feeling so good today, to, into that level of gratitude and moving into the why and moving into a bigger purpose and thinking in the, in the way in my brain that's like, thinking bigger, right, just going way beyond what what your current environment is telling you, and going into space where it's like, you know, everything is possible, and then executing. So, so what is, let's talk a little bit about that that follow through between, between that space of you now going to go and do that walk feeling a little bit. And then, then going into the next step that you need to do, I mean, how do you how do you sort of, how do you make that switch because it's one thing, because many people, many people know how do I know what to do. I know I have to go and do this maybe I'll even do a meditation and then I slip straight after my meditation into complete, you know, complete anger and frustration, and I don't actually execute the things I just actually go back to being the person who I was just a minute ago without noticing it's all unconscious, of course. Can you talk a little bit about that. I mean, how do you sustain it is, is I guess the question how do you sustain that because obviously, you go through the rest of your day you start and then BAM that comes in frustration, number one, oh I need to learn this, oh this thing needs to happen. Oh my goodness, family stuff is going on. All of that stuff, when it starts hitting you, how do you start like just moving through how do you stay grounded in gratitude, with all of that happening,

Cobus Visser  16:20  

 It comes down first and foremost we need to create the discipline. You know, someone challenged me recently and said you know. Just start small, just start, you know, when you wake up and start drinking the first thing you do is drink a glass of water, and see how long you can do that, and suddenly before you know, you've stopped doing it then because other things are important so grading a habit that's the first and foremost, that is important. In the beginning it takes effort, and so easy to be negative is so easy to focus on, or on the bad stuff but doing the, the positive and creating new habits is hard work, and it comes down again how badly you want to move forward and to get to your goals. And, you know, using reminders, you know, as my alarm goes off, that's why you saw I was like, one minute before nine I was ready to be on because my alarm went off and I can't miss this. And so creating alarms getting things to remind you to do it because otherwise, We never gonna forget and then challenges happen. Now the only way we can get there for those challenges is we have to go through those motions so when something like that happens, I usually go sit and sulk for those few moments and really think and rethink about it and then I will draw the line. You know I've started creating a strategy for me okay draw the line, what can I learn out of this I can't change it. And if I can change it, what is the process that I'm going to follow to influence it, but, you know, it's like fear, you know, though, the only way to conquer fears to move through fear the only way to conquer disappointment is to move through that disappointment. We need to feel like we need to experience it, and you're gonna put in a box on we're gonna have to process it anyway, you know so rather go through it, and there's a few times that I would probably you know feel a little bit depressed because I would compare myself to others, and I think I'm not where they are. And then I would like give myself the afternoon off and I will go lie in bed and sleep it off and say now I give myself permission to feel depressed, you know, it just to give you an example so that I get it out of my system. But yes, the trick is to give yourself a time limit and say for four hours, I'm gonna feel that that's good, you know that can notice the emotions that when it comes again so that that can go through it much quicker. In the end of the day. And so that's been what's working for me and I don't say that's the work for everyone because not everyone have an emotional person I'm allowing them connection. And so, for others it might be much quicker you know they can think about it they deal with it and they go on because they not emotional person but for those who are more like me, that are emotional will go through those emotions, otherwise you're just going to bury it and tomorrow you're going to face it again and then it builds and builds and builds, and until a point where you don't want to face it anymore. And I think that is the one thing that has helped me as I had to realize I had to face it because example May, was just the end of the main lockdown, and I had to take my kids back they were with me for 40 days and I had to take them back. So giving them goodbye your that was like, that was sore in so that took me a week, and I gave myself a week to just do nothing and just sulk can be leave it and go through that motions of not having them close by me. And then ok. It's done. I felt it I've gone for it, now draw the line okay what is the next thing that I need to focus on and for me is, what is it we want to achieve in life you know I started that this reset my goals because the goals I had for this year, cannot be achieved this year because of lockdown I can't now suddenly go and travel and do events around the world because that was my target. I need to now reassess and say okay, I can do it next year. So what do I need to do now to line myself up to do those events because I believe what I have to offer is going to be in demand in the next year or two years, because people are going to have fear they're going to have anger, anxiety, they struggle already at work during that service that I saw about people that are scared that were that are fearful that are anxious, are they going to need some motivation they are going to need some firewalking. If I have to say it that way. But my mind's already. Okay, where do I want to be in 12 months, redoing my goals, actually have my PowerPoint with me doing my vision board, and just making sure that I have something to focus on. If you go down to Cape Town, you have an end destination, you can keep your focus on yes you might take different routes that get down there but you have to have that focus. And I think that is the one thing as most people that have to do lately they don't have a dream or a focus. Now there's a young guy that I've just helped. He was on he ended up being in street. So he's only focus now is just to survive. And then I say to him and it is nice and young Why don't you get you set yourself a goal and go to America, and go work on the farms and just generate something and get out and see the world, but in his mind, it's not a reality it's not possible because of where he comes from so his only focus is, he can't get that. He just needs to survive to gain tomorrow. And that's the thing I think most of us are there, so we forget to live towards that dream and goal that we want to achieve. But to get there we need to apply the right actions and mindset and tools today. And I think that is a Marlon, I mean you can talk on this the same you know, whether you're going to the Olympics. When we met you had that goal you needed to qualify. You got as close to qualifying and qualified and I remember you were hurt, you were sore. I remember he were like, I don't know I'm gonna do this, and then you've got qualified because he had that focus and goal,

Marlon August  22:07  

yeah, yeah, 100% I'm speaking is speaking such truth because, and I just had to sort of just sit in, sit in it because there's there's many many people that think. don't have the money I don't have the business or the car or whatever it is that you're looking for, or that you know that you see other people have. And, I mean like one. One myth. I'm going to call it a myth that for me was dispelled during lockdown sort of this COVID During this COVID pandemic, time for me was that people don't have money. Now, this is a tricky. It's a tricky space, because the pandemic itself has impacted commerce in a different way. But there is more money in the market than ever before. There's more, there's more money circulating. Right. So, while while things while certain things were stopped is not a other places that started. And there was this mindset and I was definitely one of those people that was sitting with that mindset that the people don't have the money to spend, they losing their jobs that. And while one of that is true. It did not, it's not actually also true, the opposite is true. People are spending more now than ever. Like, not ever. But I don't have the stats either but what I'm looking at and what I'm realizing is that people are still spending, they still have to spend. And now it's just about, where am I going to be the person that's going to help them get what they want so that they can spend their money with me. Although, am I going to be the one who's just gonna sit there as our people that have money, I shouldn't. You know I have to just completely either reduce my prices or not, so it was funny during during lockdown my prices started going up like over the course of lockdown because first I had this this perception and then, because obviously the more of the attention was going towards digital and towards digital services, slowly started increasing my pricing during that time. And I started noticing Wait, hold on, people are willing to pay for these things, whether they, whether they pay these things, whether they using their last bit money or whatever when they're willing to pay for it, you know, and that says really what I'm saying is what you're talking about so true. And really is about how we think about things how we, how we sort of frame our mindsets around these things. And what are we focused on at the end of the day what do we want, because for many of us, it's not very, very clear.

Cobus Visser  25:03  

Yeah. The other thing that I also want to mention is you need to be willing to take that as you might say, I would rather have people pay me more. Because then it's a quality client that we get at the end of the day, someone is willing to do this. Yeah. As an entrepreneur, as a business need to take risk. I had to take a risk on hiring someone again because I doubt myself I have 30 days to pay her. So, that put some fire under my ass to get going. I started doing marketing again online. I just close my eyes and make money on it and say you know what game needs to work, I need to make it work. So taking that risk because I spoke to someone else that added up all of these excuses of not having money to spend on marketing and get themselves out there and I think people is going to come to them. At the end of the day you have to take action. If you can't spend money, but you have this, this phone in the end of the day, you can phone people, you know. That takes what it takes for you to get business then you phone people to be willing to do whatever it takes and most guys are not willing to do it because I have an excuse to not say anything you're not, then you don't want it. And I am not a phone person. And so I had to learn. Did to do it one point I started to say yes for everything. You know like now, you know, when you finish after this I have another, and another zoom until about five o'clock this afternoon and then a break, come in at seven o'clock again. So, I've been packing myself, and it's like 30 to 40 minutes session with people that are interested. And why keeps on doing it because I'm looking for the diamonds in the rough. I didn't say yes now for everyone because I did say a month, two months ago I said yes to everyone and I was packing myself and helping everyone. And then I realized I'm just helping a bottomless pit when people that they want to help, but they also don't want out they just want to replace the and then I realized now, rather let me see all these people, talk to them and give them an option, and, and then decide if they are, because in a talk like this you quickly can notice by asking the right questions, is this going to be the ideal client base based on that, as the on the servicing industry that I want to deal with. Yeah, it was, I'm, I'm looking for those diamonds that are going to put in the effort that is going to challenge me, But I'm going to challenge them, and we're going to go far and that, that it also keeps fire under my arse burning. That burning desire from man I need to perform. And that's what I love, but for those who have to... com'mon... Why aren't you doing this and I can't do that anymore and I did it for two months now.

Marlon August  27:45  

You know, like you. So you're in the service business, and, you know those clients out there that expect you to do. Everything, im going to quote unquote "everything", I guess. So how do you sort of deal with that? In terms of when you're looking at your clientele who to choose who not to choose I mean, you mentioned some things you said like, is this the right person, but what is the right person for you for people especially that lets just say that. My business is not doing so well you know I need the clients, you know, how would you suggest someone actually goes through that, you know how to do marketing, you know, how am I going to do this?

Cobus Visser  28:33  

Well, you're going to learn your lessons to let go and even though it was hard for me, and I need the cash flow, but there's two clients had to let go now, and said I'm gonna go on and the reason for that it was just draining my energy. And I just, you know, getting it wasn't fun. You know you want to weigh up is it worth the money, you know, are you doing it for money or you're doing it for the passion, and I realize, you know, I can't just do it for the money. I'm not the money person. I know the money that turns the world around, but I have faith in my maker and I believe he will send me the right people and so through the few wrong frogs that in your kissing you will find your princes and princesses that becomes your top clients that becomes your raving fans, because through them now. The one client introduced me two other people that become a client because of his introduction, and because he is the kind of person that just also surrounds him with good people. So, suddenly they will also great clients, and that is the one thing is do in imacinable service if that is the word? Yeah, I do that one person because I tell you to other people who say you need to get Cobus is the best and he's not that cheap he is going to be going cost but it's worth it. Then you also can get charged for what you want, because you know by upping your price you sort of cutting out a lot of the market that is going to have that excuse for not paying, but if they are not willing to get the money to pay and have that excuses where else in their life, are they can have the excuses. And did you decide when you challenge them and then through that the process comes down to, I don't mind that client phoning me every day for advice because they're paying for my service. And then I love what I do because I want to grow by changing because I don't know what to do, please do this help me with that. And then becomes a two way street that actually fires me up. So I think it comes down to the question, is it the moment you realize your clients, drain your energy and then you need to weigh up, is it worth the money. Am I selling myself out money just to be happy in that way and then not become happy. And so, having that is the one thing that I want to say is, it's becomes a learning process because once you get those wrong clients, you're gonna notice in the future. This is what I have to look out for, to be able to decide because the one thing that I do that most people don't probably do or you know in the online industry is i'll give you a money back guarantee, you know, after three months, four months, we sit down and look at the targets we set it and what you had to achieve and now give you money back if you didn't achieve your targets, but with the T's and C's or the whole process you had to apply everything so if I say you need to cold call 10 people a day, and you didn't do it, then it's not my fault. They didn't apply what we set out to apply because I know and like you know, these strategies do work. If you put into it.

Marlon August  31:34  

Yeah, yeah, there was, there was an element in there that I'm not sure it really came through and you mentioned that, like so as you started it, and it was around sort of first trying and trying and trying. So you first you said yes to everything, right. So you said yes yes yes yes yes I'm taking it on and then there's a distinction that started to be made because you stopped because you were very clear on who you are. And when you started to say okay with this is not me. This doesn't really work you started moving things off your plate, saying this is actually where I'm going to focus this is where I'm going to put all my energy, because we also only have a limited amount of time in the day we have a limited amount of energy to give for that time. Right, so, because there's got to be time that I mean, it's interesting during lockdown I met a lot of different people, doctors I spoke to a lot of doctors and doctors industry was really really a hard hit, as well, by the by the by the lockdown and the the pandemic as such, and many doctors were losing the practices and some of them I was speaking to, they would, they were specifically telling me about the impact of stress right and stress just around with the way we live today. His is crazy so what's what's happening is that people are so stressed out, that they are working like almost 24/7, and constantly on this cortisol. High, I'm going to call it, and burn out, that, that they ended up that they ended up like they they burn out very fast, and, and this, this thing of having to work overwork doesn't work and it seems like, like that's something that you started to notice because you are draining energy maybe I'm not even sure how your work hours were with with what you were doing, but what it was seeming to me was, like, you're taking on all this stuff you like yes yes, yes, yes because I need to get the money I need to get make this work. And then it's like, oh wait, all that stuff, This is not working for me this is not working for me I'm gonna move this off my plate. I'm gonna focus in this area, and I'm going to be taken care of there's this element of just like.

Cobus Visser  33:57  

I did burn out because of all of the yes' and I realize it quickly. And I took off ten days just recalibrate and to realize it I'm burning out and because of that and I had to reassess where am I going, who am I allowing in my life because I worked until about 12AM one o'clock I would have goals at 8:30PM, 9o'clock because the guys are working in the days that I sit down with speakers after that dinner is up, so I would stay up till that late and it just, just drained in. So now I go to bed at 9/10 o'clock at night, you know, previously I would go 12AM/one o'clock wake up before five o'clock. And, and I realized, you know, I saw a documentary about sleep how important sleep is for you, and to be in an optimal state so I just make sure during the day I do what I need to do in the rest, because you know you have to get that balance, yes we need to hustle and we need to put all of this effort and energy, but we need to also have a balance because that just, you know it's it's more than just husteling it's more about enjoying what we do. And one thing that you said that, I there's one client that I had to quickly realize. I do also interviews with people, and I have the like a super small masterclass and getting people on. And so this lady couldn't decide and things and then get into doing this class, and she didn't like to speaker. So he kept on sending me messages full of his ego, or other would be poor, then to listen to this guy. And then I realized this is not the kind that rather would want to be poor than to be open to learn from someone else, that is living is that openness to learning and say okay what is the golden nuggets I can get out of each session so that I can go blind. And I think that is the same people that are listening to us. They might not connect with who I am. But what I decided there might be one or two maybe three nuggets as if what we just talked about that in that go take it that there will be a difference in their life in the end of the day.

Marlon August  36:02  

100%, 100%. Oh Cobus. Thank you so much. So what do you say you're doing so you're saying you got online courses, master classes and stuff like that. What are you doing like right now, you're involved in a few things.

Cobus Visser  36:18  

Yeah, so what I'm currently doing is, I have an online course. You know I started selling it before I had any content but now I'm building the contents as I go on, and part of it is every week there's as like a sort of master class I get people in and I want to ask you as well to make fun if you have the time away, I get people it's called the Hero Experts Academy is to get experts in the field to come and share for these entrepreneurs what they need in their life, and to promote and that will then help us to them to move forward. So they get that as an extra because of all of the content not being on the academy. So I sell people into that and being part of that family. And then from there on, I would give them my one on one clients. So, basically the process where I work on a personal level, or the CEO every two weeks on a weekly basis, you know, check-in and working on your plan, then out of that, you know, it only depends on on your company, and if you have a team to do team strategy work your business and a marketing strategy what everyone needs to do, and that's the one thing I don't do all of this stuff myself. And I have yet to grant a more like a mentor. There's a difference between a mentor and like a consultant consultant comes in, and does it with you and chases with you the targets, you know, like a coach, they they constantly were I'm as a mentor and say this is what you need. This is this strategy, and you got and that's why I work with certain individuals that are willing to put in the work that are willing to upskill themselves and get the things on it and that's why I created the academy so that they can get the things on it, to learn the goals and the lens strategies, and so forth. So that is my main focus, but luckily now with things, opening up. I've already had a few quotes for a while I do strategy session with team building at in the end of the day. So it looks like that side is kicking off as well. So that is my main areas that I'm focusing on at the moment.

Marlon August  38:25  

Yeah that's cool, awesome, awesome stuff by the way, I love, I love the idea of having to sell something before it actually exists. Most many people go out and build this grandiose product that I'm going to go and sell that nobody buys you know you invest all this time money and energy into it, and nobody buys it so stuff is so much better, to see what do you want, and then we tailor it according to the needs that you have been as really.

Cobus Visser  38:58  

It's like someone that you also know, Krupa, she procrastinates a lot so I challenged her and said let's sell your online course. Yeah but people are not going by it and I don't have the course I said let's sell it and say you're going to launch in a month's time. And suddenly the sales came in the pressure build. And so as she launched it and she only launched it enough for a week and then every week so it would upload. I think he's finishing this week with the online content but he sold it and then. Wow, okay, people that really want it's I need to create that is the same way if you want to write a book, you know, sell a concept of the book first and they'll be promoting it in six months and then you give yourself time to write the book.

Marlon August  39:40  

100%, 100%. That's awesome. Yeah, thanks Cobus, man it was really inspiring listening to you. Talking to you, and I look forward to connecting and doing some more things together. Thank you for coming to do with the morning it appreciate it. Thanks a lot man. Have a great one.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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