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The Attorneys
Digital Business Blueprint


Claire Muller

I struggled with brand and marketing for the longest time but after working with Marlon from story advantage. He helped me get clear on my message and it was a pleasure to work with him. He was professional and the process was effortless. The content that I received after was incredible, and I now have a complete communication guide. I use all the material all of the time and it's customised for me and my business. Whether it is a pitch or presentation, and that consistency shows in my website. I absolutely love it and I cannot thank Marlon enough! 

Claire Muller

Ria de Clerk

"A clear communication strategy is vital to any business, ensuring that the message is consistent on all digital platforms. My business communication was not aligned on Social Media & Web. With the help and guidance of the Team at StoryAdvantage, an easy to follow Brand Communication Guide was developed. Silver Leaf Marketing’s website was updated showcasing our niche e-commerce service. None of this would be possible without the dedicated team of StoryAdvantage – I can highly recommend their services to any Small Business Owner."

Craig Ferreira

I needed leads for a free event I was running and turned to Marlon for help. He took me through this story process, which at first I had my doubts about and was pleasantly surprised at how much we could do with such a simple process. What's even better is that running ad's for my business not only cost me less than ever before saving me over R12000 in marketing send. We had the highest attendance ever!

Craig Ferreira

Barry Mitchell

Dramatic increase in results increasing my lead generation by 150%-200%! If you’re looking for a team you can trust, you are looking at the right team!

Megan Chilidis

"After just one session with Marlon, he suggested I clean up my story and rearranged my website to match. I saw the results almost instantly. I started attracting international clients and I'm super excited for future business.  I would highly recommend that you do a session with Marlon."on"

Tony Wake

'Being in business for over 15 years we felt that have tried almost everything. We were frustrated with our marketing because while we knew what we wanted we struggled to tell it to a niche market. Working with Marlon we managed to take my narrative and help us link it to our customer. He took time to understand exactly what we needed and helped us streamline our story and the marketing process in such a way that made our marketing approach simple. Now we not only have a clear marketing message to put EVERYWHERE. We have a clean website that is bringing leads and helping our business grow. 

Nestene Botha

We worked with Marlon to work on our marketing because we knew we needed to do something different. Being an accountant I had no idea how to market properly. After a few sessions he gave us everything we needed to communicate with customers in a language that they understand. Now whenever we do our marketing we go back to our brand communications guide to make sure our messaging is on point!" 

         Lindiwe Msiza

"I wasn’t confident to build my brand online mainly because I didn’t know how to effectively build my brand and market myself. After connecting with Marlon and going through his process, we uncovered my clear brand message that I now use in my team building and executive coaching business. Now Im super confident about what my message is, how to communicate to my ideal clients and grow my business despite the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Lindiwe Msiza

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