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We are living in fast and uncertain times.

It is time to give, to connect and support each other. 

That's why I decided to create a free course that will help anyone become a digital authority.

Dear Friend,

We are in the middle of a pivotal moment as humanity. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future and that is making people fearful. When people are fearful they act only for survival and start to retreat. While we can't do anything about the impact the covid-19 virus has on will have on our lives. We can look for other opportunities that exist online. I believe that everyone has a chance to make a living providing value and selling online. Your client is out there looking for you and all you have to do is put the right message in front of them. That is why I decided to release this course. To help as many people started on their message and making sure their websites convert. What I will share with you, will help any business in any niche. Every business communicates and the clearer it is. The more you will win in the market. 

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Module 1 - Taglines

Most taglines tend to be vague. If it's cute and clever, it's probably not clear. 

Module 2 - Call-to-Action

Probably the simplest way to learn whether your website works. Changing this can be a game changer.

Module 3 - Convert everything

Pictures speak a thousand words. The use of images will complete.y change your conversions.

Module 4 - Measure & repeat

Simplicity is key to any high converting website. Learn how to package your products so people will click on them.

Module 5 - Tell your story

Start to simplify your message, so that more people will want to do business with you.

Module 6 - Bonus content

3x Live client website reviews
3x Examples of good websites
1x Website checklist

5 Things your website must have to turn visitors into customers


Build a website that converts

Create a compelling Story

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5Things course

 After cleaning up my story and reworking my website. I started attracting international clients. I would highly recommend that you do a session with Marlon!


Megan Chalidis - Entrepreneur

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