A new approach to marketing that drives business growth

Story-based marketing strategies your customers will love.

Convert visitors into customers

Engage more customers

Grow your brands impact

You have a marketing problem when...

You feel you need to get the word out
The customer base isn't growing
Your customers forget about you
Your marketing message is confusing customers.

If your communication and sales could be better
then you have a marketing problem.

Effective marketing starts with the Three S's

Stories That Engage

Creating quality content isn’t difficult. You simply need to communicate in a way that ordinary folks can understand.

    Systems That Work

    Marketing is a science as well as an art. The simpler your systems and processes, the easier it becomes to course-correct to get the desired result.

    Strategies That Deliver

    The strongest marketing strategies are those that operate 24/7. When online and offline processes work in sync, are trackable, and can be tweaked with ease.

    Customers don’t always buy the best products and services.
    They buy those that are easiest to understand.

    Marketing should make money, not just cost you.

    We know what it’s like to spend money on marketing that drains funds yet shows no real return. But that’s in the past!
    At Story Advantage, we can help you develop and execute marketing campaigns that make both money and sense.


    "After just one session, the suggested clean up to my brand message and rearrangements to my website almost instantly changed my results. I started attracting international clients and now I'm super excited for future business.  I would highly recommend the Story Advantage team."

    Megan Chilidis

    Business Coach


    "We were frustrated with our marketing because we struggled to communicate to a niche market. Working with Story Advantage we managed to take my narrative and help us link it to our customer. Now,  we have a clean website that is bringing leads and helping our business grow."

    Tony Wake

    Leadership Trainer


    "My business communication was not aligned on Social Media & web. With the help and guidance of the Team at StoryAdvantage, we developed an easy to follow Brand Communication Guide. Our message is now aligned on every platform. I can highly recommend their services to any business owner."

    Ria de Clerck

    Marketing Expert

    Story-based marketing works in any industry.

    Look at the various industries where story-based marketing can be effective.


    Product / Subscription



    Events & Education

    Give your company the Story Advantage


    Kick start your story-based marketing by taking any of our online courses to guide you through the steps of refining your brand message and shifting your strategy towards increasing sales.


    Choose from a variety of packages ranging from marketing messaging and advertising to marketing strategy. We gear fast. execution.

    Fractional CMO

    Want to setup custom marketing systems for your organisation that works? Using a systemised approach together we drive accountability to achieve your marketing goals.

    How It Works

    Book a Strategy Call

    We’ll take a good look at your current marketing strategy and identify room for improvement.

    We Create a Success Plan

    Select a package that works for you.

    Implement & Launch

    We execute, tweak, and measure your business growth.

    What makes us different?

    A solid understanding of  human psychology
    Uniquely branded content that sells
    Digital systems that work

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